Short statement regarding Brexit and immediate impact on EU and UK workers


Now Brexit is imminent, what does this mean for the EU national living in the UK or the UK national living in the EU? Firstly, now is not the time to panic – we are looking at a minimum of 2 years to negotiate the exit process () perhaps longer if Article 50  isn’t triggered immediately and as the UK will have to wait for a new PM this will become clearer in October. It has also been suggested that Article 50 may not be triggered which could lead to a new deal or second referendum. In the short term current EU nationals living and working in the UK and those UK nationals living in the EU should be protected, there has not been a suggestion by the Leave campaign that deportations will take place for those who are living and working legally. It is likely that an emergency summit of EU Leaders will be taking place week commencing 27th June which should provide more clarity on key issues such as free movement. We will update this text once we have further information, but in the meantime you can still apply for jobs across the EU as an EU national.

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