Should I go to uni?

Guardian poll begged the question: is it still worth going to university? A topic currently hot on the lips of the British nation as A-Level students everywhere are faced with the dilemma of what to do next. 64.2% of readers voted: YES! – The university experience is still very much worth going through, despite the ordeal of dissertations and seemingly endless debt. But, for the many sceptics amongst us, why is it that the majority are still favouring university education?

It’s no secret that the job market is a fiercely competitive territory to embark upon, in reality – a survival of the fittest; and in order to conquer it you’re going to need to shine out from the crowd – which is where a degree can come in handy. Yes, hundreds of people have one, and the value of that piece of paper which says it all is often understated. It also depends on the individual in question, as well as their plans for the future. But having a degree enables you to, at very least, be on a level playing field with other academically talented people – which is a good start, as well as being a standard prerequisite expected by many employers, as well as some of those advertising roles on

While recent reports have heralded the news of a boost in the number of students opting for courses in Maths and Science, accompanying reports have displayed a rather disappointing decline in students choosing to take foreign languages. UK pupils have been branded as the ‘worst in Europe for learning foreign languages’  with almost half of GCSE students avoiding language learning since the 2004 decision to rule out languages as compulsory education. Yet the demand for speakers of a second language is at an all time high, with a substantial figure of around 75% of employers valuing knowledge of a second language as the top skill they seek in a potential employee. Surpassing that, 100% of Companies advertising on MLV are in urgent need of multilingual speakers, throughout a wide range of job sectors.

So, with very little British students opting for a language, the time is right to dispel the shameful English stereotype. A degree in a foreign language provides you with access to an unbeatable package – a combination of academic knowledge, support, and a year of cultural experience with all the right guidance – amazing for your CV.  

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