Stand out from the Crowd

Ok, so you have a language skill, that’s one thing that will guarantee you an instant head start. But what else can you do to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive job market?

With hundreds of candidates applying for any one job at a time, particularly for graduate roles, it’s tough to grab the employers’ full attention. An Independent interview revealed, editor of Look Magazine, Ali Hall, doesn’t even get to the CV if the covering letter is a bore. So, it’s crucial that you make your very first impressions count.

Fans of Apprentice (BBC) will know that no-one has a better understanding of the key to success than Sir Alan Sugar himself. With an empire worth millions, he knows what he’s talking about when he says that sheer determination, passion and great personal belief’ are essential ingredients in succeeding. It’s all very well having these desirable qualities, but what you need is to showcase them… on a piece of paper. As our CV post demonstrates, this is where applicants go wrong. Writing your CV isn’t necessarily about listing all your experience and qualifications, it’s about demonstrating your passion and enthusiasm for the role in question, and how you do this often depends on the industry you’re focusing on. For example, if you’re applying for a role in Arts/Design or Fashion, it’s a fun idea to vent your creative side through the presentation or format of your covering letter, while still including the applicable facts and information. Don’t limit your information to just academic qualifications and work experience (although this is important), it’s a great idea to include personal achievements – whether you’ve written your own blog, designed a website, participated in a relevant project at University, won an award – these are all fantastic ways of proving your talent and engaging with the employer. Don’t forget about your travelling experience! Here at MLV we very much believe in the value of cultural experience, and if you’ve been travelling, lived in a foreign country, quickly adapted to another environment and picked up language skills – then don’t let this go unnoticed. You could be the perfect candidate for one of our multilingual roles:

So, what next? If your CV leaves employers impressed and wanting to know more then congratulations… but the hard work doesn’t stop there, unfortunately. Next stage: the interview. An invite for an interview is obviously a very positive sign, but you need to ensure that your answers and appearance back up the good first impression you established with your CV. This insightful article from illustrates three ways you can maintain employers’ interest and win the job.

At MLV, we advertise hundreds of job roles in Europe and worldwide, and your talent in language could be just what we’re looking for! Browse our jobs to find out more Good Luck!


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