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Back in 2001, webrecruit pioneered, developed and introduced a new concept into the UK recruitment market, a straightforward, flat-fee online recruitment service backed by a full money-back guarantee. We started a revolution in the recruitment sector that many have followed. Over the years, we’ve helped 1000s of companies to recruit using our revolutionary online flat-fee service.

Why are we different… and why use us?

It’s simple. By moving away from the traditional recruitment model, we’re bringing candidates and employers closer together. And as such, there are a range of benefits of using our service compared to traditional agencies.

We firmly believe that the best person to review your CV is the client themselves. And because we don’t want to get in the way – we allow the client to go through the applications and manage the interviewing process directly.

This means that if you meet their initial requirements we will forward on your application and contact details directly to them. After all, they’re the best person suited to reviewing your application, and this in turn helps us to deliver a fairer service to you – the candidate.

And unlike traditional agencies, we charge our clients a flat-fee price – which means they aren’t charged a hefty percentage of your salary.

With 8 out of 10 candidates now utilising online recruitment methods, combined with the increasing popularity of the online recruitment industry - applying for your next job on the internet really is the way forward.

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