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Who We Are

We are specialists in driving rapid change in operational performance. As the timescale for business leaders to realize the full potential of their organization becomes ever smaller, operational performance plays an increasingly pivotal role in determining the leaders from the laggards.

We specialize in the design and execution of programs to achieve changes in operational performance, and as a consequence financial performance.  For more than 60 years, we have been helping companies, across the world and across all business sectors, transform operational performance in sales, output costs and capital expenditure.

Typically, our people are former managers with years of practical industry experience who have become consultants later in their careers.

Focused, pragmatic and practical is how our teams are. We are passionate about what we do and yet remain sensitive to our clients’ needs and culture.

Our legacy is one of sustainable operational improvement that enables our clients to deliver substantial business improvement long after the assignment ends.

What We Do

We bring speed and certainty in improving operational and financial performance.

At Alexander Proudfoot, we help Executive Management and their people take their businesses to new levels of performance delivering results on a scale and at a speed the company would not be able to achieve on its own.  What would otherwise take the company alone years to realize is accomplished within months.

We transform operational performance by helping our clients use their existing assets more effectively.  Working in joint Proudfoot and client teams, we improve their top line through increased throughput and revenue and/or their bottom line with reduced operational costs.  A critical element of our focus is improving the effectiveness of management.
With the emphasis on measurement, we pride ourselves on the fact our assignments mean our clients benefit from significantly increased profitability.  Typical benefits run into millions and we deliver this return on investment within 12 months.

Our approach complements – and accelerates - existing initiatives such as Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma.

Underpinning each of our assignments is our People Solutions team, who determine what actions must occur to ensure lasting change.  These specialized activities include communication, management and employee skills development, education, training and coaching. Tailored to the specific needs of each client, our experts use a variety of tools to transfer the required skills and knowledge.  In doing so, they help every member of the organization undergoing the change program to feel a greater personal connection with it and by extension the performance of the company itself. Ultimately, success for Alexander

Proudfoot means we have armed our clients with the tools, skills, know- how and experience that they no longer need us.
xperts in the detail, we help create pace and momentum, removing barriers to change, arming people with the tools, skills and behaviours they need and creating employee ownership.

We don’t just advise clients what to change and why.  We also stay around to show them how to do it quickly and expertly, leaving their people with pragmatic skills and behaviours that keep on delivering results long after the assignment ends.  It’s why our first client encounter is rarely the last.


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