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At Minacs, we plan and work towards nurturing our ecosystem for people development.

To keep our clients ahead in a fast changing world, our people must forge ahead, learn new skills, apply their knowledge, and be respected as experts.

Let's share with you what we mean with an example: the story of our Team Elite ...


While throughout the organization we drive business results for our clients, we decided to put our beliefs to work at the “front lines.” Hundreds of team leaders have been trained to look at their programs as “business owners.” They have been provided the tools to analyze their results and understand the drivers that make their business tick.

With this power, they have been challenging themselves and their teams to shoot for higher and higher levels of operational and financial performance. While they do so, the organization supports them to learn and develop their expertise as business catalysts.

Recently, the top 100 team leads globally have been recognized and celebrated across Minacs. They are our Team Elite.

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