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Working in the UK
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Relocating to/living in the UK
Relocating to/moving to Ireland
Money & Finance
Travel in the UK
Health in the UK
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Information about authorisation to work

Working in the UK
Government Home Office website providing information about the various routes open to Foreign Nationals who want to come and work in the United Kingdom. Includes information about how to apply for a work permit. If you are not a UK national it is advised that you consult this site before applying for any positions.

Direct Gov - Applying for a national insurance number
Information about applying for a National Insurance number which is required by all UK employers
The Home Office site which has a link to the Immigration & Nationality Directorate.
Want to find out your rights as an EU Employee, or Employer for that matter? This is the official site for the Federation of European Employers
Link providing information on opening Bank Accounts in England.

Relocating to/living in the UK

Useful links where you can find short & long term accommodation.

Relocating to/living in Ireland
Sterling Corporate Relocation, company that helps executives & family relocate smoothly.

Money & Finance
The Inland Revenue web site - featuring news and information on tax and national insurance matters in the United Kingdom. Essential reading if you are unsure how about tax and NI payments.
All the information you need to compare credit cards rates from all the leading providers to see who offers the the longest 0% rate credit cards, low interest on balance transfers, purchases and cashback rewards.
Compare rates on personal loans from all the leading lenders including loans for bad credit. Find a low rate loan that gives you the flexibility you need. 
See which banks and building societies are offering the best mortgage deals. Whether you want a fixed rate, offset, or have a poor credit rating, contact a mortgage broker for independent and impartial advice.

Shop around to get the cheapest home insurance quotes. Compare quotes from all the leading UK insurers.
If you want to take out a loan, but you've got a black mark on our credit report, you'll experience difficulty getting accepted for finance with a mainstream provider. See which lenders / brokers offer poor credit loans. The catch with these product is the interest rates tend to be higher.
Compare current accounts to see who offers the best bank accounts including the best business bank accounts. Compare rates of interest on balances, overdraft facilities and introductory free banking.

After a long day in office, why not relax in front of a musical or play in London's west end. With some many productions to choose from, there is something for everyone. London theatre tickets including many special offers are available for all the top shows including Billy ElliotDreamboats and Petticoats, We Will Rock You, Shrek and the Lion King.

Travel in the UK
Information regarding mainline trains and quick booking for tickets
Transport for London site - travel information in and around London including a journey planning function
Booking engine for all the leading hotels in central London including luxury 5 star London hotels. Find hotels near attractions, landmarks or train stations. Find hotels near St Pancras and Waterloo.

Health in the UK
Wondering what to do if you get sick? This is a direct link to the National Health Service providing information ranging from Opticians, GP surgeries to Hospitals.

Other useful links
RLN London offers a wealth of online advice on language careers and learning �" including job search tips, case studies of people using languages at work, factsheets, links to course finders and much more.
Perfect your English with ME Languages, a boutique language school specialising in teaching English to Portuguese speakers. We tailor the learning process to your needs. Choose from group sessions, one on one classes or learn from home using the Linguaphone method of books and CDs.
Established in 2007, provides graduate jobseekers with comprehensive, accurate and up to date information on the recruitment process at many of the UK's best and biggest companies. Wikijob allows users to share their experiences of recruitment, interview and application, providing a one-stop-shop resource for jobseekers.
Omega First are one of the world’s leading providers of translation, dictionaries and foreign language software, see some of our great products and offers here, including Déjà vu, Babylon, Alchemy Catalyst, keyboards, Systran and LTC Organiser.
Language Translation
All Translation Services. Translations Company provides professional translation services in a wide range of subjects and languages.
Adzuna aim to make it easier for you to find your perfect job, home or car locally. They search thousands of sites so you don't have to, bring together millions of ads so you can find them all in one place, and organize them with useful features so that you can easily find what you need.